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100 Pieces Set with variety of Dips/Toppings

Suggested Serving: 25-30pax

25 Seasalt Caramel Churros

3 x Caramel Dip (M)

25 Ondeh Churros

3 x Gula Melaka Dip (M)

50 Classic Original Churros
Comes with: 6 x Choice of Dips:

(Strawberry/ Caramel/ Butterscotch/ Chocolate)


4 FREE Toppings (S) (Given at Random) 

(Coconut, Rainbow, Peanut, Oreo, Marshmallow)


Items listed are fixed. 
For other variety, kindly shop our ala carte items.

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Churros Gold Set (100 Pieces Set with Variety of Dips)

SKU: 0003
Ondeh Churros Dips x 3
Seasalt Caramel Churros Dip x 3
Original Churros Dip 1&2 (M)
Original Churros Dip 3&4 (M)
Original CHurros Dip 5&6 (M)