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At Churros Factory, we are passionate to bring a wide variety of Churros conveniently and affordable to you. Our services range from business supplies, home delivery, churros live stations set up at your event venue, to exporting overseas for local distribution. We supply B2B to cafes, restaurant, retailers and exports to overseas clients. We are able to customize Churros to fit your equipment/ business concepts. Speak to us!

Our production team, work meticulously to ensure that finest quality ingredients and SOPs are in place to process and manufacture our products.​ Timely review of our processes with professional consultants are part of our process to audit and ensure our factory craft the churros with confidence with the relevant industry certifications. SFA licensed, NEA licensed, HALAL Certified and ISO 22000:2018 certification that includes HACCP.

So how did we started out? 

Enjoying churros as a snack on the street, restaurants, carnivals, parties, or at the movies has became popular in the recent years. Home-made Churros, though uses simple recipe, is indeed very TIME CONSUMING to prepare, and the end product is usually inconsistent with every batch. With that as our goal to create a solution for churros lovers, we did research, tweak on our recipe and ingredients to finally come up with the Frozen Churros. Similar to nuggets and fries, out from the freezer and fry it to golden brown, within minutes you get your yummilicious Churros snack!

We solved 2 common issues F&B owners face, high food wastage for unsold desserts and limited storage space. Speak to us! 

At ChurrosFactory, almost any flavours and shapes are possible! ChurrosFactory created our very first signature flavour - Ondeh Churros (Pandan infused Churros with Gula Melaka Sauce manufactured and supply by our factory too) This flavour interestingly, became a hot favourite in Singapore. Seasalt Charcoal Caramel Churros and Bananutella Churros are amongst some of popular choices created.


OEM available - When new flavors are requested, our team will do research and development and engage in test and taste process until our clients are satisfied.​ Regardless which adapted recipe, best churros should have a combination of good crisp on the outside and soft inside. Quality will never be compromised at ChurrosFactory.

“We make and think churros. That’s it. Nothing else. No distractions. Nothing to steal our focus. Each day we come in and make the best churros we know how, just for discerning customers!”

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For B2B supplies to hotel, cafes, restaurant, wholesaler, do contact us at 

Tel: 85000700


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