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CF x Stirling SG

We are glad to share that our 2nd outlet is finally here!!!

Area: Bukit Timah

Address: 15 Cheong Chin Nam Road S(599739)

Opening Hours: 11.30-6.00pm

It runs concurrently with another cafe that serves no pork no lard and has a bar section in the night. How this unique collaboration works.

From 11.30-6pm, Churros Factory runs and serves mainly Churros, Coffee, Beverages from CFmenu, the staffs are all trained by CFmentor with our standard serving material in the brown box.

From 6pm till late, Stirling_SG (Owner of the premise) runs the restaurant/Bar serves full course meals, appetizers, other snacks and CHURROS in their menu of course! =)

We are also glad to share that Stirling_SG serves no pork and no lard food too.

Alcohol will not be served during CHURROS FACTORY hour, and the bar section is meticulously segregated.

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